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COVID-19: I am currently offering video sessions so you can safely seek help without leaving your home. 

Individual and Couples Therapy

If you're seeking therapy, then you may not feel satisfied with how your life is going. Maybe you're feeling unmotivated, depressed, or irritable. You're caught in relationship patterns that leave you feeling hurt, confused, and unhappy. You're an engineer, in the tech or STEM fields, and feeling burnt out and overworked. You're a therapist, and holding the weight of the world sits heavily on your shoulders. In my years of experience, I've helped people with these concerns and many more. I believe I can help you as well. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Couples feeling disconnected or in high stress

  • Men's mental health, specifically, men in STEM and tech fields

  • Women in engineering and tech, feeling isolated and overworked

  • Healthcare professionals experiencing stress, fatigue, and burnout

  • Adults with depression, anxiety, relationship and/or work concerns

  • Individuals from marginalized identities facing discrimination and hurtful treatment from others

  • Therapists facing burn out, compassion fatigue, and/or personal lives affecting their professional work


Rates and Policy

Please call for rates. I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Cancellations under 48 hours are charged the full fee.

I do not accept insurance. I am considered an out of network provider and can provide you with a super bill upon your request. Please check with your insurance company. Many policies reimburse substantially for out of network coverage.

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